Aluminium Foil Printed Laminated Flat Bottom Packaging Pouch With Handle

Put simply, a flat-bottom pouch is a five-sided, free-standing pouch with a flat, rectangular base. It has material for greater space and strength, known as gussets, on both the left and right sides of the pouch, with a fastener on top.
The flat bottom of this pouch has been designed smartly for an attractive appearance at the sale counters with its wide range of printable surfaces. Moreover, it has great shelf stability which aids in sturdy storage too.
Thanks to their versatility and large printable surfaces, flat bottom pouches are popular among those with a strong brand identity. They can be customized with different finishes, colors, and designs, which can help connect with more customers.

Colorful Printed Laminated Flat Bottom Windowed Packaging Pouch

Biscuits are best served when the taste of biscuits is not changed along with its crispy property. The ideal concept of baked wafers packaging includes not only attractive and colourful printing but also these pouches need to be durable and with high barrier quality to keep them moisture protected and air proof.
We at AZ Packaging are offering fine quality biscuits packaging pouches that come with airtight sealing and tamper resistance. It has comfortable peeling and comes with a fine printing option. The packaging comes in several shapes, sizes and colors as your requirement.

Flat Bottom Printed Laminated Packaging Pouch With Zipper Hole

AZ Packaging offers dry fruit packaging material with high quality and excellent appearance, These pouches are moisture and air proof which makes sure that the products can withstand the hassle of transportation and remain unbroken and undamaged. For effective and cost efficient dry fruit packaging. AZ Packaging offers best quality and toxin free high barrier pouches such as flat bottom & Zipper Pouches and many other Pouches as per customers requirement, which protects from oxygen and another atmospheric effects and keep fresh and hygeine. They are known for their tamper proof, leakage proof, easy opening and closing, tear resistance, moisture resistance, strength and durability. We manufacture Dry fruits and nuts packing material which are suitable to meet the specifications of diverse dry fruit manufacturing industries.

Excellent Flat Bottom Printed Laminated Aluminum Foil Windowed Packaging Pouch

Dry fruits are consumed all year long as rich dietary foods. With an increasing popularity in healthy snack market, this segment is becoming more competitive in time. Studies claim that packaging appeal is most critical in this segment. After all, in customer’s eye that’s what differentiates your product from others. Our range of flexible pouches are perfect for a premium and attractive packaging.
At AZ Packaging, our packaging range offers high durability, excellent tear resistance and prestigious look for an ultimate shelf appeal. Our stock and customized packaging solutions for dry fruits offer high grade atmospheric resistant solutions for longer shelf life. Choose from a wide product range of our Stock or tailor-made packaging solutions with laminates that suit your requirements.

Kraft Paper Printed Laminated Dry Fruts & Nuts Windowed Packaging Stand Up Pouch With Zipper

As more health conscientious consumers are choosing healthier snacks, they too are looking for convenience. Dried fruit and nuts packaging have evolved to meet this demand. Airtight food packaging bags have become the best packaging for dried fruits and nuts. When choosing packaging supplies for your brand, you want it to not only be stylish and eye-catching, but you also need them to protect and preserve your product.
Constructed with a laminate interior and a resealable zipper closure, AZ Packaging food bags provide a barrier of protection against oxygen, odors, and unwanted moisture, thereby extending the shelf life of your product.
If you are looking for a handcrafted, artisan look and feel, then our packaging bags are the ones for you. On the other hand, if you want to be fully transparent and let your product do the talking, then either our packaging collections are your best choice.

Printed Laminated Biscuit & Cookie Quad Seal Packaging Pouch With Hole

In order to keep the biscuits crisp and delicious for a long time, the biscuit packaging plays an important role. As biscuits are very soft, they need proper packaging to protect them from moisture and any kind of damage.
When manufacturing biscuit packaging, we AZ Packaging pay attention to every detail and provide our customers with the greatest satisfaction. Our biscuit packaging can maintain the freshness and flavour of biscuits for a long time. We use raw materials of impeccable quality. It is laminated to achieve the best durability. In addition, we beautify these biscuit wrappers with modern and eye-catching and attractive colour designs, and they immediately impress end users.

High Quality Printed Laminated Flat Bottom Packaging Pouch With Handle

The packaging can be made of different materials as your requirement for different products, like pet food, confectionery & snacks, beverages, coffee, dry food & premium products. You can also add many optional functions: like a re-closure zipper, euro hole punch, handle, degassing valve, laser score for easy tear; that provide a perfect solution & multiple values in the same bag.
You can customize every detail of the flat bottom biscuit bag such as the structure material, size, colour, and type of the bag and tailor it to your specific needs. Customizing your flat bottom coffee bag allows you to adopt a unique packaging style for your brand and products.

Kraft Paper Printed Laminated Biscuit Flat Bottom Packaging Pouch

Biscuit packaging bag manufacturer could be the best packaging choice. It can help you reduce your packaging cost. It is light and portable. Reasonable price and gorgeous appearance give your biscuits more value.
Keeping this in mind, AZ Packaging offers biscuits packaging that fulfills the legal and quality requirement for all biscuits and your biscuits are expected to reach the end-users in the same condition as it’s packed. Our biscuit packaging can maintain biscuit freshness and flavour over long shelf life and provide an effective barrier for moisture and foreign odour. This Colourful Printed Laminated biscuit cookie flat bottom windowed Packaging Pouch has a small window and it presents the biscuits in an attractive way for the end-users.

Kraft Paper Printed Laminated Cookie Flat Bottom Packaging Pouch With Euro Slot

Packaging for baked goods: biscuit, crisps, savoury and fruit that respond to single-serve and on the go consumption. Our custom printed packaging makes food packaging bags for cookie and biscuit very remarkable thanks to flexo printing, ensuring the original taste and aroma.

Printed Laminated Dry Fruits Aluminum Foil Packaging Stand Up Pouch

Dry Fruits packaging should be air tight and moisture protected so that the products can withstand the hassle of transportation and remain unbroken and undamaged till it reaches to the consumer point.
All the Dry Fruits packaging solutions offered by AZ Packaging are excellently attractive, and climate resistant for offering excellent shelf life of these sensitive and costly edible products. For effective and cost efficient dry fruit packaging, AZ Packaging offers best quality and toxin free Stand up & Zipper Bags and many other bags as per customers requirement.
Packing materials offered by us are manufactured by utilizing finest quality raw materials and latest technologies and they are known for their tamper proof, leakage proof, easy opening and closing, tear resistance, moisture resistance, strength and durability. We manufacture Dry fruits packing material which are suitable to meet the specifications of diverse dry fruit manufacturing industries.

Printed Laminated Nuts Aluminum Foil Packaging Stand Up Pouch

There is an increased need for dry fruit packaging these days. However, one problem with packaging nuts is that they are dry and become stale and limp with just a little bit of moisture. Dry fruits can lose their flavor and crunch if not packaged well.
Dry fruit stand up pouch packaging has gained immense popularity among consumers. We use laminate layers and fuse them together to create a strong barrier material. This material is then used to create bags for nut packaging. The main concern while creating the material is that it should protect the contents from moisture, air, and germs.
For an eco friendly nut package, we normally use clear plastic. Otherwise, window standup pouches can also be used. This allows the buyers to have a look at the product before purchasing.
Stand up bags for dry fruit packaging often come with convenient zip locks. Zip locks let the users seal the package once it has been opened.

Printed Laminated Biscuit Quad Seal Packaging Pouch With Handle

Snacks include potato chips, biscuits, candies, etc., for which packaging films are the most widely used. Snack food are mainly packaged in composite packaging bags. The most commonly used materials are OPP film, PET film, aluminized film, and LDPE film.
Because oxygen combined with ultraviolet rays will accelerate fat oxidation, aluminum foil is often used in packaging bag to block light and oxygen for some potato chips and biscuits with high fat content and long shelf life.
In the automatic packaging process, chocolate and composite chocolate should avoid the influence of heat as much as possible, so cold sealing film occupies a dominant position/role in this packaging application field.

Printed Laminated Biscuit Transparent Packaging Stand Up Pouch

From single serve cookies to multi-packs, we carry cookie packaging that can extend shelf life, improve attractiveness and visibility, and match the ideals of your brand: Our cookie bags come in a variety of materials, with cookie sleeves and bags available for pennies. Our cookie boxes come in several sizes and styles and are made with the highest quality materials, great for retail presentation.
Our cookie packaging is an affordable, effective way to turn your cookie into an amazing presentation. Check out all of our packaging options, or call us if you need help. Cookies are as much visual as they are taste. People want to buy cookies that “look” delicious – cookies that have an excellent appearance and that means that everything you do needs to be focused on making sure your cookies look their absolute best

Printed Laminated Cookie Quad Seal Packaging Pouch With Hole

Present day consumers are on the look-out for snackable food alternatives and on-the-go offerings that strike the right balance between convenience, health and indulgence.
We help FMCG brands cater to personalized consumer preferences and evolving lifestyle needs with contemporary flexible pack solutions. Be it a single-serve biscuit or cookie packaging format that enables portioned-consumption or a see-through 5 panel pouch to show-off product exclusivity, we have exciting and wide-ranging solutions with creative pack formats and eye-catchy printed aesthetics and textures for biscuits, cupcakes, crisps and chips packaging, namkeen packaging, popcorn packaging, dry fruits packing, protein & other energy bar packaging as well as other nutritional snacks.

Printed Laminated Flour Quad Seal Packaging Pouch With Handle or not

Flour is a healthy necessity in every diet and it is added to various meals. Flour packaging material should not only be hygienically processed but it should also be capable to retain the color, aroma, taste and edible qualities of flour for long period.
Flour packaging pouchs manufactured by AZ Packaging keep it free from dust, dirt and dampness. Developed from food grade materials, using advanced packaging machineries, these air tight flour packaging products assure that not an iota of flavour and freshness is lost over long time of storage. These packaging products are made available by us in large volume for carrying high weight with complete comfort. Further, customized designing with superb printing impart them exquisite look, which helps the clients in brand building exercise.

Colorful Printed Laminated Cereal 3-seals Packaging Pouch With Handle

As new cereal varieties and health foods companies are quickly entering the marketplace, consumer appealing packaging has never been more important. Let AZ Packaging customize a package that feature: brilliant colors; sharp images and text; and visual variety to help you stand out on the shelf utilizing high-definition (rotogravure) printing capabilities.
When packaging cereal and grains, one of the most important quality is to maintain its crispiness and texture. AZ packaging experts develop packaging structures that manage moisture gain/loss, oxidation, and aroma and odor transfer.

Printed Laminated Cereal Millet 3-seals Packaging Pouch With Handle

Pulses and cereals are mostly packaged in plastic pouches as plastic pouches are easy to carry, print friendly, occupies lesser space in retail counters, and excellently moisture protected. AZ Packaging manufacture quality pouches in different sizes for packing pulses and cereals so that the product quality remains fresh.
No matter if you are planning to launch new Cereal or pulse products in market or you are planning to revamp your existing products’ packaging; for all types of Pulses / Cereal Packaging needs contact AZ Packaging: the packaging experts here will help you in creating latest and the best affordable product specific packaging solutions that will boost market presence and customer satisfaction.

High Quality Printed Laminated Cereal Rice Quad Seal Packaging Pouch With Handle

Presently, pulses and cereals are top rated marketable products and packaging of these items should be ideally durable enough so that it can withstand the hassle of transportation and the obligation of high stacking in the retail outlets till it reaches at consumers’ kitchen.
Branding and right information about the ingredients is one of the prime requisites of health conscious cereal consumers while consumers purchase for the cereal brands for her family. AZ Packagingis exceptionally experienced in offering excellent print quality for their pulses and cereal packaging as an extra marketing support for the customers.
Pouch packaging are convenient to carry for the consumers, and good print quality helps in display brand promotion of the concerned company’s product and brand promotion.

Cereal Millet Quad Seal Packaging Pouch With Handle and Window Printed Laminated

There are four main things that affect the shelf life of cereal: microbes, oxygen, moisture and temperature, hence try to keep these four things in ideal condition when in storage. The main reason for cereal going bad is moisture, oxygen and temperature. As these conditions get worse, cereal is likely to be polluted by microbes leading to mold deterioration. Rising temperature and moisture in the cereal storage environment will accelerate the deterioration of cereals. Therefore, the packaging of cereal must be able to keep out oxygen and moisture. In addition, the cereal grain is tough and rough, so the packaging material is required to have sufficient strength and durability.
AZ Packaging has been in the business for many years, providing high quality cereal bags for many brands of cereals. Choosing us would mean choosing the quality and service of an expert in packaging field.

Printed Laminated Rice Flat Bottom Packaging Pouch With Handle

To increase the sales of cereals, the brand needs to consider the following considerations for packaging:
1. The needs of consumers: the brand should design product packaging for different consumer levels, such as the launching of premium cereals for people with high requirements, as well as the launching of large volume promotional cereals for the pursuit of the people who are in need of cheap, this is the consideration that has to be made in response to market competition.
2. Market demand and its changes: that the market is always a moving state of change, especially the fleeting changes, will be reflected through the packaging of goods.  3. The differentiation of the product: the product has a unique selling idea and unique speech compared with other similar products, because the unique idea has a real benefit.
4. Quality of packaging; packaging design, no matter how good-looking, performance is the first priority. The quality of the package material directly affects the quality of the product. High-quality package material surface flat, excellent printability, choose high-quality packaging, consumers can feel the brand from the touch and look of the intention.

Printed Laminated Cereal Rice Millet 3-seals Packaging Pouch With Different Handle

Quality cereal packaging can not only protect the product from external contamination and spoilage, it can also pass on the brand vision to customers. For example, which type of packaging is used for the bag? How is the design of the pattern? Is there a convenient accessory such as zippers and hand-tear openings, etc. These can be the very first thing that consumers see could greatly influence the choice of consumers. We also know that consumers are more likely to buy products with good packaging. Overall, cereal packaging design reflects the fact that a product can take into account the customer’s psychological needs, i.e. whether the content of the message conveyed by the cereal and its packaging takes care of the customer’s needs. The packaging is the spokesperson for the product.

Printed Laminated Cereal 3-seals Packaging Pouch With Handle

We provide small and medium-sized businesses with quality food packaging solutions. We’ll not only make your cereals stand out, but we’ll also give it personality.
At AZ Packaging, we take packaging seriously. Here are 3 reasons why you should give your cereals our quality food packaging.
To Raise Brand Awareness
Proper presentation gives products an entire narrative that can help increase brand awareness. Through our cereal packaging, our company will draw curiosity around your brand.
To Keep Your Cereals Fresh
Air and moisture can alter the quality of your cereal flakes over time. With our packaging products, you can extend the shelf life of your cereals. This allows customers to store your products longer, increasing their satisfaction levels.
To Boost Your Sales
The type of food packaging you choose can influence your sales. Most consumers rely on it when picking which products to pull off the shelf. Through AZ Packaging’s eye-catching products, you can make sure that your cereal gets chosen. This inevitably increases your customers, boosting your sales along the way.

Hot Sale Printed Laminated Cereal 3-seals Packaging Pouch With Handle

More cereal brands are moving to flexible cereal packaging formats in order to save space, minimise material usage and reduce costs.
We offer a wide range of solutions for the following products:
Porridge & Oats
They can be designed in various formats with many additional finishes and packaging features such as reseal closures to help keep the product fresher for longer.
Our cereal packaging formats include trending flat bottom bags, recyclable Kraft paper bags and other popular packaging types.

Cereal Millet 3-seals Packaging Pouch With Handle Spout Printed Laminated

AZ Packaging offers a wide variety of cereal and granola packaging bags and bagging machines and equipment. Our premium granola and cereal bags are lightweight, extremely strong and provide the maximum level of protection against outside elements such as moisture, humidity, heat and sunlight. AZ Packaging’s specialized heavy-duty flexible packaging produces the ideal micro-environment for cereal and granola to stay fresh and delicious. Our advanced packaging technology allows you to deliver the freshest cereal and granola to your customers.
AZ Packaging offers custom bag options, including resealable zip closures, tear notches as well as custom bag printing services along with an amazing variety of finishes, styles and materials that will compliment your marketing and sales efforts and elevate your cereal brand to the next level. Choosing the right packaging partner is critical to the success of any cereal / granola company. To effectively compete in the cereal and granola market space, your packaging must be attractive, durable and keep your product fresh.
AZ Packaging has a long history of working with cereal and grain companies and providing them stock and custom packaging solutions. Contact us today and talk to one of our knowledgeable cereal packaging specialists about your packaging needs.

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