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Stand-up Pouches Are Diverse, Beautiful, Convenient, And Attractive

Update time : 2021-11-04

The self-supporting bag is very suitable for liquid products. From food to daily necessities, this bag can be used. This is a relatively novel packaging form that is very popular with the public, and it is very suitable for carrying and does not take up too much space. The self-supporting pouch has a small and exquisite shape, colorful colors, pictures, and texts, and plays a good publicity effect. In today’s increasingly homogeneous competition, the improvement of packaging is undoubtedly one of the powerful means of differentiated competition. At the same time, its tightness is strong. Convenient and easy to carry, unique structure, self-supporting spout bags play a more important role in the modern packaging industry!
In today’s consumer market, self-supporting spout bags are more and more popular and very likable. There are various food packaging methods we see in daily life, among which self-supporting spout bags are the most commonly used. The reason for this is that the demand for food packaging technology will vary with the variety and characteristics of the food itself. In addition, transportation routes and transportation links, transportation methods, storage environments, sales channels, expected shelf life, consumption Factors such as groups will, in turn, affect food packaging technology. There are many detailed requirements for food packaging, including internal and external requirements.
The intrinsic demand for food packaging refers to the technical requirements for ensuring the quality and quantity of food in its packaging after packaging. It means that the package can protect the packaged food from various destructive forces such as pressure, impact, and vibration during storage, stacking, transportation, and handling. There are many factors related to the strength of food packaging, mainly including three types of factors: transportation mode, stacking mode, and environment.
The external demand of the self-supporting nozzle is the application of packaging to reflect the characteristics, performance, and image of the food, which is the external visualization and expression of the food. Food packaging is one of the best means of food promotion. Food properties, characteristics, eating methods, nutritional content, and cultural connotations can be promoted on the packaging. The promotion of food packaging includes necessary information promotion, image promotion, color promotion, structure promotion, etc.