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Is The Snack Packaging Bag You Bought Easy To Tear?

Update time : 2021-11-04

In order to make the packaging easy to open, most of the packages on the market are equipped with an easy-to-tear opening. The analysis of the factors affecting the tearing performance of the jagged easy-to-tear opening of the snack packaging bag is as follows:
The cutting depth and angle of the serrated easy-to-tear cutting, in which the cutting depth is the main factor. On the basis of a certain cutting angle, the smaller the cutting depth, the greater the tear strength of the composite packaging bag. If the cutting depth is too small, the packaging bag will be difficult to tear, and the easy-to-tear function will be lost. Therefore, When setting the easy-to-tear opening of the package, a suitable cut should be provided.
The composite fastness and composite uniformity of the packaging bag. If the composite film has poor composite fastness and low peel strength, it is easy to delamination under the action of tearing force. Each single-layer film will have different degrees of stretching under the pulling force of tearing force. This kind of delamination, on the one hand, the phenomenon of stretching increases the tearing force, and at the same time, it also affects the snacks in the package that consumers eat. If the peel strength of the composite film is not uniform, this phenomenon of packaging delamination during tearing is likely to occur in the part with lower peel strength, and it will extend along the torn part.