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Plastic Laminated Frozen Vegetables Packaging Bags

Suitable for quick-frozen vegetables: green beans, eggplant, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, etc.
Suitable for quick-frozen fruits: grapes, peaches, plums, cherries, strawberries, watermelons, etc.
Our food grade plastic bags can pack these vegetables or fruits very well.
They can be frozen at -18 ℃ and keep the vegetables or fruits clean and fresh.


Product Description


Material Laminated material
MOQ Based on product’s size
Price Based on product’s material, size, thickness, printing colors and quantity
Sample Time 1. Customized Sample 7-10 working days
2. Stocked sample can be sent immediately
Payment 30% deposit upfront, 70% balance before shipping
Trade Terms As your requirement (FOB, CFR, CIF…)
Delivery method As your requirement (By sea, by air or express delivery…)




  1. Frozen Vegetables Packaging Bags
  2. Frozen Green Beans Packaging Bags
  3. Frozen Tomatoes Packaging Bags
  4. Frozen Eggplant Packaging Bags
  5. Frozen Green peppers Packaging Bags
  6. Frozen Cucumber Packaging Bags


What We Offer


  1. Different size, structures & thickness as your requirement
  2. High-quality design offered
  3. Up to 10 colour printing
  4. A diverse style of customized pouch form can be supplied
  5. Roll form can be also supplied


Working Flows For Pre-production


  1. Send us detailed information: product’s material, size, thickness, printing colors and quantity;
  2. We will quote after receiving your enquiry;
  3. Once the price is confirmed by both parties, we will start the processing of the artwork;
  4. Confirm drawings and sign contracts;
  5. The buyer needs to prepay the cylinder (printing cost) and a 30% advance payment on the order;
  6. We will start producing quality products for you after then.


Customize Your Frozen Vegetables Packaging Bags

Frozen vegetable bags that use flexible packaging are ideal for storing your products where space is limited, and your customers’ freezers are no exception. Help your consumers maximize their limited space by placing your products in lightweight and flexible lay flat and stand up pouches that give a higher-product to package ratio than other packaging formats.
All of AZ Packaging frozen fruit and vegetable packaging options, from stand-up pouches to traditional pillow packs, let you deliver maximum shelf impact with brilliant, wear-resistant graphics. They’re efficiently manufactured and lightweight, keeping your margins higher.